Sunday, February 28, 2010

Read Across America!

Join us as we celebrate Read Across America and Dr. Seuss' birthday!

Tuesday afternoon (March 2nd) at 3:30pm in the lower level program room, children ages 3 and up are invited to celebrate with imagination and fun crafts. Listen to a reading of McElligot's Pool, create a unique creature from recycled craft items and create a hat like the one worn by the Cat in the Hat.

Birthday cake and refreshments will be served.

No registration is required, just drop in.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

March Book Selection

Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia
by Barbara O'Connor

Unpopular sixth-grader Burdette "Bird" Weaver persuades the new boy at school, whom everyone thinks is mean and dumb, to be her partner for a spelling bee that might win her everything she's ever wanted.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February Meeting Wrap-Up

The Book Buddies Book Club met this past Monday, February 22nd to discuss Highway Cats by Janet Taylor Lisle. It was a terrific meeting made even better by the fact that we were joined by the author!

We began by discussing books with animal main characters and the different format of this book (text, newspaper articles, play scripts). We talked about the personalities of the highway cats and why they were so mean to each other. We discussed Mayor Blunt and why he doesn't consider the consequences of his actions (he doesn't think ahead and is very self-centered, focusing only on re-election).

We talked about the kittens and whether or not we thought they were magical and sent to Potter's Woods for a specific purpose.

Ms. Lisle joined us about half way through our meeting and told us about how her own cats Kayla and Roosevelt were the inspiration for the story by being quiet and keeping her company as she wrote.

We talked about our favorite scenes in the story (many of us liked the final battle scene in the graveyard between the cats and the construction crew) and she read a passage aloud so that we could experience some of the book through her voice.

She currently has no plans to write a sequel to Highway Cats as the future is already foreshadowed at the very end of the story. At the moment, she's working on a historical novel about Newport Island and a spy during the Revolution.

Finally, we talked a lot about taking care of nature and noticing the natural world all around us. There's more out there than we see and we're often blind to how we are hurting nature. The animals in real life can't talk to tell us how we are causing them harm and destroying their homes. It's very important that we all try to be more observant and respectful of mother nature.

It was a fantastic meeting and we want to say a BIG thank you to Ms. Lisle for taking the time to visit with us. It was an afternoon we'll never forget!

Janet Taylor Lisle and me!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Meeting Reminder

Just a reminder that the Book Buddies Book Club will meet this coming Monday, February 22nd at 3:30pm in the Children's Program Room to discuss Highway Cats by Janet Taylor Lisle. And don't forget, the author will be joining us! So be thinking of some great questions we can ask her about her book and her life as an author.

Hope you enjoyed the book and I'll see you Monday!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Vacation Week Events

It's school vacation week and while you're taking a much needed rest from school, here are some activities you won't want to miss at the library:

Thursday, February 18th @ 10:30am

Lower Level Program Room
Danna Banana
"Mad About Books"

Take a favorite story from page to stage with Danna Banana! Entertainer Danna Banana will help children ages 4 and up find a favorite story, act it out, and improvise music, sound effects and movement. This program is full of fun, audience participation, music and lots of comedy! No registration is required - just drop in!

Saturday, February 20th @ 2:30pm
Lower Level Program Room

Family Games Day

Children ages 6 and up and their families are invited to come spend the afternoon playing a variety of board games including Battleship, Trouble and Sorry! Snacks will be provided and participants will have an opporunity to win prizes. Read, learn and play @ your library!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some Purrrrfect Reading...

The cats in Potter's woods have their lives changed by the arrival of three mysterious kittens in Highway Cats by Janet Taylor Lisle. If you like books about cats, here are a few others you might enjoy:

The Cats of Roxville Station by Jean Craighead George (2009)

Thrown into a river by a cruel human, a young tiger-striped cat fights to survive amid feral cats and other creatures near Roxville train station, aided by Mike, an eleven-year-old foster boy who is not allowed to have a pet.

The Underneath by Kathi Appelt (2008)

An old hound that has been chained up at his hateful owner's run-down shack, and two kittens born underneath the house, endure separation, danger, and many other tribulations in their quest to be reunited and free.

The Nine Lives of Aristotle by Dick King-Smith (2003)

Aristotle, a little white kitten, goes to live with a witch in an old cottage, where he finds so many opportunities for risky adventures that he soon has only one life left.

Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander (1963)

Jason and his magic cat Gareth travel through time to visit countries all over the world during different periods of history.

Whittington by Alan Armstrong (2005)

Whittington, a feline descendant of Dick Whittington's famous cat of English folklore, appears at a rundown barnyard plagued by rats and restores harmony while telling his ancestor's story.

Carlotta's Kittens and the Club of Mysteries (2000)

Continues the adventures of Marco, Polo, and other members of the Club of Mysteries as they care for Carlotta's kittens and search for a home for them.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

BIG News!

I have very exciting news: the author of our February book, Janet Taylor Lisle, is going to attend book club this month! On February 22nd we will be meeting at our regular time (3:30pm) for snacks and to begin talking about Highway Cats and at 4 o'clock, Ms. Lisle will join our book discussion! We will also have the opporunity to ask any questions we have about the book and about her life as a famous, local author.

This is very exciting and we are so lucky to have a real live author visit us at the library. We've been lucky to do phone interviews in the past but this time we'll have the author here in person! So start reading and start thinking of some great questions we can ask her when she visits us on the 22nd. Feel free to post any comments to the blog during the month as well.

Can't wait to see you on the 22nd!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Author Janet Taylor Lisle

Janet Taylor Lisle is the wonderful author of our February book, Highway Cats. Her other books include Black Duck, The Lost Flower Children, The Art of Keeping Cool and the Newbery Honor Book, Afternoon of the Elves. She has an amazing website which includes an interview about Highway Cats.

Black Duck (2006)

Years afterwards, Ruben Hart tells the story of how, in 1929 Newport, Rhode Island, his family and his best friend's family were caught up in the violent competition among groups trying to control the local rum-smuggling trade.

The Lost Flower Children (2001)

After their mother's death, Olivia and Nellie go to live with their great aunt, where they slowly bring her overgrown and weedy old garden back to life, enabling them to adjust to a new life as well.

The Art of Keeping Cool (2000)

In 1942, Robert and his cousin Elliot uncover long-hidden family secrets while staying in their grandparents' Rhode Island town, where they also become involved with a German artist who is suspected of being a spy.

Afternoon of the Elves (1989)

As Hillary works in the miniature village, allegedly built by elves, in Sara-Kate's backyard, she becomes more and more curious about Sara-Kate's real life inside her big, gloomy house with her mysterious, silent mother.