Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Olivia Kidney

Olivia Kidney, by Ellen Potter, is the first book the Book Buddies Book Club will read.

Olivia Kidney is lonely. She and her dad have just moved, again, and Olivia's the new kid in school, again. Then one day Olivia loses her apartment keys and stumbles upon some of the strangest sights she's ever seen. Talking lizards, a tropical rain forest in 7B, and even an apartment made entirely out of glass - all in her own apartment building! From the exiled princess to the ex-pirate, Olivia hears fantastical stories that make Alice in Wonderland seem tame. But despite the wondrous sights and amazing adventures, she still doesn't have a friend to share it all with. Until she realizes that sometimes friends pop up in the most unlikely places...

Check out Ellen Potter's website for more: http://www.ellenpotter.com/

This book will be discussed on November 19th. Happy reading!

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