Wednesday, November 28, 2007

November meeting

Hi everyone,

Monday's meeting of the Book Buddies Book Club was fantastic. We discussed our first book, Olivia Kidney. Everyone enjoyed getting to know Olivia and all of her crazy neighbors and we all agreed that Olivia is a fantastic character. Our favorite Olivia trait is her ability to communicate with spirits. All book club members felt that the book was interesting, fun and an easy read. Overall, we rate this book very highly and encourage others to check it out!

The highlight of the meeting was our phone conference with the author of Olivia Kidney, Ellen Potter. She was absolutely delightful on the phone and gave us lots of great insight into her life as a writer and her books. We discovered that Olivia was written in a cafe in Ithaca, New York and that now her favorite place and time to write is early in the morning in a special room in her home. She is currently working on two new books that will hopefully be available sometime in 2008 and there is the possibility of a fourth Olivia Kidney book in the future. Ms. Potter also revealed that she doesn't plot out her books before she starts writing them. In Olivia Kidney, she didn't know that Branwell was a ghost until she was far along in the writing process.

Ms. Potter encouraged all of our book club members who think they might want to be authors to start writing now and make time everyday to read and write. She also reminded us of the writing contest she is having on her website. For more details on that, check out:

A BIG thank you to Ellen Potter for taking the time to talk with our book club. It was amazing to have the opportunity to talk to a famous author and have all of our questions answered. Thank you!!!

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