Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Last Holiday Concert- Chapters 5 - 8

Chapter 5: "Temptations"
Hart's unsure whether or not he should tell his parents the truth about his detentions - and face a possible punishment. He's saved from making the decision by his sister who threatens to tell on him. Obviously it's much worse to be ratted out by your sister, so Hart fesses up and tells his parents. He goes over the top, convincing his parents that he's learned a valuable lesson and it'll never happen again. And just like that - he's home free.

Meanwhile, Mr. Meinert's wife is so outraged at the way her husband is being treated by the school, the town and the kids that she encourages him to quit immediately. He refuses because he loves his job and still wants to do it well.

Chapter 6: "Snap"

Back in chorus the next day, Mr. Meinert attempts to get the kids to focus on the holiday concert but they are all more interested in the snow that is falling outside. He explodes, telling them that he's done trying to teach them. The holiday concert is now up to them.

Chapter 7: "The Voice of the People"

The kids decide to hold an election to vote for a new chorus director. They decide that anyone in the class can be nominated and they will vote by secret ballot. Mr. Meinert agrees to count the votes after the election and the winner is.....Hart Evans.

Chapter 8: "Director"

At first Hart is upset - he doesn't want the job of chorus director. But eventually he agrees to do it and declares that chorus will be a free period from now on. Mr. Meinert is secretly thrilled with how the class is going. He's convinced that the kids can only stand chaos for a short time and that Hart will become overwhelmed and beg him to take charge again. But will he?

These four chapters bring up some interesting questions....what would you do if your teacher suddenly stopped teaching? Do you really think it would be all that great to just goof off day after day? Maybe at first it would be exciting...but after a few weeks?

Do you think Hart is a genuine guy? Did he manipulate his parents when it came to telling them about the detentions? It seems like he's the kind of guy who always says what you want to hear. Does that make him a good person or a fake?

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