Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Great News!

Ok, so I promised the book club that I would try to get in touch with Grace Lin and see if she would be willing to talk with our club members at the January meeting. Apparently since I was able to get them a few minutes of Ellen Potter's time last November, the club feels I should be able to do this every month with an author! :-) And even though I know how busy famous author's are and what a rare thing it was that we got to discuss Olivia Kidney with Ellen Potter, I love talking with them too, so I went ahead and sent off an email explaining how fantastic our group is and how much we'd love to speak with her about her books. I also invited her to check out our blog and the Newport Public Library's website so that she'd know a little bit about our book club and the library. And I've just heard back! The bad news is that Ms. Lin will be in China until the 27th and does not feel up to a phone interview on the 28th which is totally understandable. (That's got to be an incredibly long flight!)

However the great news is that she is still willing to answer questions for us. We have the opportunity to put together an email of questions and she will send us her responses! How great is that? So be thinking of great questions and we will put together a list of our best questions at our meeting on the 28th which I will type up and send along to Ms. Lin. If you think of any questions and can't wait til the meeting (or can't make it to the meeting), feel free to post them here and I will see that they get included. And a BIG thank you to Ms. Lin in advance for her time and her willingness to be involved with our book club! Authors are the best!

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