Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Some February Recommendations....

February vacation is almost upon us and here are some good books to keep you occupied....

Feeling the winter blues? Tired of the short, cold days? Read Summerhouse Time by Eileen Spinelli.

Every year: A rented pink cottage full of family, sand and sun - Summerhouse Time. Morning trips to the donut shop, fish fry dinners, swapping stories - Summerhouse Time. Mom and Dad, dancing on the beach. Sophie and her cousins, riding the waves. Every year: Summerhouse Time.

Up for a trip to 1860's Canada? Try this years Coretta Scott King Award winner Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis.

Eleven-year-old Elijah is the first child born into freedom in Buxton, Canada, a settlement of runaway slaves just over the border from Detroit. He’s best known in his hometown as the boy who made a memorable impression on Frederick Douglass. But things change when a former slave steals money from Elijah’s friend, who has been saving to buy his family out of captivity in the South. Elijah embarks on a dangerous journey to America in pursuit of the thief, and he discovers firsthand the unimaginable horrors of the life his parents fled—a life from which he’ll always be free, if he can find the courage to get back home.

This next book comes very highly recommended by one of the Book Buddies Book Club members. It's Toys Go Out by Emily Jenkins.

In this utterly delightful peek into the secret lives of toys, three beloved playthings participate in a series of small adventures. StingRay is a plush stuffed animal who enjoys acting the know-it-all. Lumphy is a tough little buffalo who doesnt mind the occasional cuddle. And Plastic (whose physical appearance is kept mysterious for quite some time) is a sensible bouncy ball. They are the best friends of a little girl and they deal with the world around them in their own particular manner. (SLJ review)

Finally, if you haven't ventured into the world of graphic novels, now is the time to start! And who better to start with than Babymouse: Queen of the World! by Jennifer and Matthew Holm.

An imaginative mouse dreams of being queen of the world, but will settle for an invitation to the most popular girl's slumber party.

All of these wonderful books are available here at the Newport Public Library. Come in and find something great to read!

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