Thursday, May 1, 2008

Author Interview!

Well, I have amazing news. We are going to end the year the same way we started the year - with a telephone interview with an author! As you know, we are reading The Penderwicks this month, and I decided to try and contact the author, Jeanne Birdsall, to see if she would allow us to interview her like we did earlier this year with Ellen Potter and Grace Lin. I contacted her publisher, Random House, and everyone there was so encouraging and helpful. It was very easy! They suggested that I write a letter to Ms. Birdsall explaining what we want to do and I've heard back from her and she has agreed to do a telephone interview! So at the May meeting we will call Ms. Birdsall at her home and have a chance to ask some questions about her books and her life as a writer! Start thinking of some great questions now and feel free to post any as a comment on the blog.

A big thank you in advance to Ms. Birdsall for her time and the wonderful people at Random House for helping make this happen. Authors are the best!!!

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