Monday, July 14, 2008

Catch the Reading Bug and Pass It On!

This year the Children's Department of the Newport Public Library is adding a new component to its Summer Reading Program called "Catch the Reading Bug and Pass It On!" In addition to reading for a certificate, free book and toy prize, Newport children will also be encouraged to read in order to provide a donation of honeybees to a family in a third world country through the charity organization, Heifer International. The Children's Department is challenging the children registered in the Summer Reading Program to read a combined total of 700 books between now and August 13th. If the reading challenge is met, a gift of bees will be made. The library hopes that providing a goal through the reading challenge will inspire more children to read more books. The program also offers each child the opportunity to participate in the effort to end world hunger, improve the environment and learn about being global citizens. For more information, visit our webpage.

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