Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February Meeting Wrap-Up

The Book Buddies Book Club met this past Monday, February 23rd to discuss the book Alvin Ho Allergic to Girls, School and Other Scary Things by Lenore Look. It was a wonderful meeting with our biggest group yet - 10 kids!!! Everyone *loved* the book and we had a great discussion. We also had a special snack straight from the book - brownies!

We began by talking about Alvin and why he was so afraid to speak in school and what he could do to get over his fear. Some felt he was really shy, that he had stage fright and that he was scared because he is smaller than the other kids. To overcome his fear, some thought he could put more useful things in his PDK (personal disaster kit), take deep breathes before speaking or possibily look into homeschooling. We went over the items he carries in his PDK and discussed how useful we thought they were. Everyone felt that the bandaids, the magnifying glass and the mirror were very useful and others thought the garlic and scary mask were good to have as well. Then people volunteered what they would have in their personal PDKs. Items mentioned included rope, food and drink, flashlights, lighters, cough drops, glue and paper towels.

We talked about why Alvin didn't want to be friends with Flea, why he took his dad's Johnny Astro and whether or not he should have taken it without asking (No!). We talked about what it means to be a gentleman, whether or not cheating is a good way to make friends (again, no) and why Flea stood up for Alvin when the other boys cheated off him in math class. We all agree that Alvin will eventually overcome his fears and be able to talk in school.

We discussed Alvin's idea that "crying is really great. Everything is better afterward." Some felt that this was true but other did not agree. Everyone agreed that it's not a good idea to cry at school around friends because people would think you are a crybaby. One member said that sometimes crying will make you feel better but that the situation isn't always better after (for example if you broke your leg, you might feel better if you cry but your leg will still be broken.)

Overall, everyone really liked Alvin and would recommend the book to their friends. We decided to give the book 5 stars!

Following our discussion we made our very own PDKs. Everyone decorated their box differently and they all came out great!

It was a wonderful meeting and thank to everyone who attended!

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