Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys...a Little History

Our March books are Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys graphic novels. These graphic versions are new for these old characters who've been around for years. The Hardy Boys came first in 1927 and was written by many different authors over the years but the most well known author, Franklin W. Dixon, was actually the pen name of Leslie McFarlane, who wrote more than 20 Hardy Boys books. The graphic novel Undercover Brothers series has been around since 2005. There are 17 books in that series so far.

Nancy Drew was created in 1930 as a response to the popularity of The Hardy Boys. The books are published under the collective pseudonym Carolyn Keene. There are now many series featuring Nancy Drew including the popular Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, Nancy Drew Files, Nancy Drew Girl Detective and the Girl Detective graphic novels, just to name a few. There are 16 books in the Girl Detective graphic novel series so far.

Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys have also worked together solving mysteries in series like Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys Super Mystery and Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Be a Detective Mystery.

Complete histories of The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew can be found at Wikipedia. It is really comprehensive, so if you are interested in the histories of these characters, I highly recommend you check it out!

For more about Nancy Drew online visit Nancy Drew Sleuth and for The Hardy Boys visit Thrilling Detective.com.

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