Thursday, May 14, 2009

Children's Poet Laureate Presents...

National Poetry Month is now over but since poetry is wonderful all year long I wanted to pass along this video link. Children's Poet Laureate, Mary Ann Hoberman, has filmed a series of video podcasts available online at the Poetry Foundation's website. In them, Ms. Hoberman reads from her own work as well as from the works of other classic poets. Check them out today!

And while we're on the subject of poetry, the Children's Department has just gotten in two new fantastic poetry books that I encourage you all to check out!

Beginning with this poem featuring the title words...

Eau De Forest: A Woodsy Cologne

It's spiderwebs
and dogwood trees,
a muddy trail,
a blue-green breeze,

A nest, a leaf,
a sycamore trunk,
A whiff of pine,
a hint of skunk.

Can you beat that?

Try this one which reminds me of Shel Silverstein's For Sale...

Eyeballs for Sale!

Eyeballs for sale!
Fresh eyeballs for sale!
Delicious, nutritious,
not moldy or stale.

Eyeballs from manticoves,
ogres, and elves,
fierce dragon eyeballs
that cook by themselves.

Eyeballs served cold!
Eyeballs served hot!
If you like eyeballs,
then this is the spot.
Ladle a glassful,
a bowlful, or pail -
Eyeballs! Fresh eyeballs!
Fresh eyeballs for sale!

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