Friday, July 24, 2009

Book 4 of the Summer Reading Book Challenge

Book 4: Top of the Order by John Coy

"Jackson's parents are divorced and his mother has started dating. Gig's dad is in the National Guard and has been called up to serve in the Middle East. Isaac's dad wants him to go to a different middle school than all his friends. Diego is the new kid in school, a power-hitter who works with his family on the weekends and can't make every team practice. These four friends lead different lives, but on the baseball field, they're a strong team, the top of the order. In this crucial last year of elementary school, they're faced with preparing for middle school and dealing with a new member of their team - a girl!"

I enjoyed Top of the Order. There are lots of descriptions of baseball practices and games so if you like to read about that, you will definitely appreciate this book. I think boys especially will like these four friends and their passion for baseball. The boys are individuals and have their differences but they are alike in a lot of ways too and I think many elementary age boys will find their problems very relatable, especially their anxiety about heading to middle school. I also liked the inclusion of a girl on the baseball team and how that added to the dynamic of the team.

Overall, this is a great 3rd or 4th grade book for baseball fans. It reminded me in some ways of another baseball book (and former Book Buddies book) that I love: The Aurora County All-Stars by Deborah Wiles. So come in and pick up Top of the Order and enjoy reading about one of summer's greatest traditions: baseball!

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