Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November Meeting Wrap-Up

The Book Buddies Book Club met this past Monday, November 23rd to discuss the book The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling. We did things a little bit differently this month - instead of talking about the book and then doing our activity, we did our activity first. Appropriately enough, in honor of our reading of The Chocolate Touch we made chocolates! The kids had a great time melting the chocolate and pouring it into different molds. We made lollipops and other individual chocolates in all different shapes and in two flavors: white chocolate and milk chocolate. The chocolate tasted delicious and really inspired our discussion of the book.

We began by talking about John and how we would describe him as a character. A few people felt that he was very greedy and selfish but others thought that he was just a regular kid. Some found him funny and nice and like a kid they might know.

We talked about John's chocolatitis and why it seemed to accelerate during the day and how it was cured. We thought about things that John learned from his experience including not to be greedy, to think about others and the importance of a balanced diet.

We discussed different foods that we wished everything tasted like including ice cream, cake and even rice! However, we all agreed that having everything taste the same, even if it's something that tastes great, is not a good thing and would get old quickly.

Finally we read the story of King Midas and compared his story to John's in The Chocolate Touch.

Overall, most club members really liked The Chocolate Touch and would recommend it to their friends. We all had a great time making (and eating) our chocolates and look forward to next month's meeting!

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