Thursday, September 9, 2010

Author Frances O'Roark Dowell

Frances O'Roark Dowell is the author of our September book, Falling In. She has written many books for children including Chicken Boy, Dovey Coe, The Secret Language of Girls and the Phineas L. MacGuire series. She is also the author of Shooting the Moon, a Rhode Island Children's Book Award nominee in 2010. She currently lives in Durham, North Carolina. To find out more about this wonderful author, visit her website.

Chicken Boy (2005)

Since the death of his mother, Tobin's family life and school life have been in disarray, but after he starts raising chickens with his seventh-grade classmate, Henry, everything starts to fall into place.

Dovey Coe (2000)
When accused of murder in her North Carolina mountain town in 1928, Dovey Coe, a stronged-willed twelve-year-old girl, comes to a new understanding of others, including her deaf brother.

The Secret Language of Girls (2004)
Marylin and Kate have been friends since nursery school, but when Marylin becomes a middle school cheerleader and Kate begins to develop other interests, their relationship is put to the test.

Phineas L. MacGuire Erupts!: The First Experiment (2006)

Fourth-grade science whiz Phineas MacGuire is forced to team up with the new boy in class on a science fair project, but the boy's quirky personality causes Phineas to wonder if they have any chance of winning.

Shooting the Moon (2008)

When her brother is sent to fight in Vietnam, twelve-year-old Jamie begins to reconsider the army world that she has grown up in.

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