Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May Meeting Wrap-Up

The Book Buddies Book Club met yesterday for our final meeting of this school year. We had a lovely party complete with ice cream sundaes (with loads of toppings!), cupcakes and cookies! The idea was for everyone to make and enjoy an ice cream "fountain" in honor of our May book, Regarding the Fountain by Kate Klise.

We had a great discussion and everyone really liked Regarding the Fountain. We loved all of the ideas that Sam N.'s class come up with about what kind of fountain their school should have (my favorite was the aquarium-fountain) and we had fun thinking of outrageous fountain ideas for our own schools (my favorite was a fortune-telling fountain).

We all liked the format of the book (Regarding is an epistolary novel: a novel in letters) and counted up the dozens of means of communication used to tell the story. From letters to newspaper articles to telegrams and police reports, we thought it was an ingenious way to tell a story. We also felt that the story would have lost a lot of its charm had it been told in a more traditional sentence & chapter format.

We talked about writing letters vs. writing emails and the pros and cons of each form of communication.

Finally we brainstormed other possible titles for the book including "The Geyser Creek Fountain" and "Letters to Florence."

Following our discussion we broke into two teams for a very competititve trivia contest. Both teams did a great job and blew me away with how much detail they remembered from the story.

Overall it was a great meeting and a terrific way to end another fantastic year of Book Buddies. Thanks to all the Book Buddies members for coming all year long and for such great book discussions. Hope to see you all back in September!

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