Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Books...What to Read?

If you are looking for a great book to read this summer, browse one of our recommended summer reading lists. The lists are organized by grade level and are available for printing on our summer reading website. Here are just a few suggestions from the 3rd and 4th grade reading list:

Akimbo and the Elephants by Alex McCall Smith

Ten-year-old Akimbo lives on a game preserve in Africa. His father is the head ranger, and Akimbo is eager to help him whenever he can—even if it means getting into some pretty dangerous situations. In Akimbo and the Elephants, ivory poachers are killing grown elephants for their tusks and leaving the calves to die. When the authorities fail to turn up new leads, Akimbo sets out to save the elephants by posing as a hunter himself.

Star Maker by Laurence Yep

With the help of his popular Uncle Chester, a young Chinese American boy tries hard to fulfill a promise to have firecrackers for everyone on the Chinese New Year in 1954. Includes an afterword with information about the Chinese customs portrayed in the story.

P is for Passport by Devin Scillian

A passport and rhyming text celebrate the author's adventures discovering differences as well as similarities, from "A" for the variety of animals that populate the planet to "Z" for the time zones that mark the days around the world.

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