Thursday, October 6, 2011

Author Mary Downing Hahn

Mary Downing Hahn is the author of our October book, The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall. She has written many wonderful ghost stories for children. Come in to the library and check out her books today!

All the Lovely Bad Ones: A Ghost Story (2008)

While spending the summer at their grandmother's Vermont inn, two prankster siblings awaken young ghosts from the inn's distant past who refuse to "rest in peace."

Deep and Dark and Dangerous: A Ghost Story (2007)

When thirteen-year-old Ali spends the summer with her aunt and cousin at the family's vacation home, she stumbles upon a secret that her mother and aunt have been hiding for over thirty years.

The Old Willis Place: A Ghost Story (2004)

Tired of the rules that have bound them ever since "the bad thing happened," twelve-year-old Diana ignores her brother's warnings and befriends the daughter of the new caretaker, setting in motion events that lead to the release of the spirit of an evil, crazy woman who once ruled the old Willis place.

Wait till Helen Comes: A Ghost Story (1986)

Molly and Michael dislike their spooky new stepsister Heather but realize that they must try to save her when she seems ready to follow a ghost child to her doom.

And find out more about Mary Downing Hahn and her books by visiting her website!

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