Monday, January 30, 2012

February Book Selection

Our February book will be Oggie Cooder by Sarah Weeks. We will meet on Monday, February 13th at 3:30pm to discuss the book. Hope to see you there!

Oggie Cooder has a talent. He charves (chews and carves) pieces of cheese into any shape he wants them to be. He doesn't think charving is anything special, and most of the kids at his school think it's a little weird. But then a big TV show comes looking for people with weird talents, and Oggie is suddenly Mr. Popular... especially with Donnica Perfecto, the girl across the street who wants to be famous, no matter what. Will Oggie be able to charve his way to the top and become a Big Cheese?

Copies of the book are available at the Children's Desk and new members are always welcome. To register for book club visit the Children's Desk, call 401-847-8720 ext. 204 or email

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