Friday, March 9, 2012

Learning About Pioneers

If Emily's Fortune has you interested in learning more about Pioneers and life in the Wild West, here are a few terrific books you can borrow from the library...

Don't Know Much About the Pioneers by Kenneth C. Davis j978.02 Dav (j978.02 Dav)
Explores the hardships faced by American pioneers, both on the trail and in frontier towns.

Welcome to Kirsten's World, 1854: Growing Up in Pioneer America by Susan Sinnott (American Girl collection, j978 Sin)
Presents a look at daily life in pioneer America during the 1850s by following a family that emigrates from Sweden to Minnesota.

Westward, Ho! by Darren Sechrist (Graphic j978.02 Sec)
A graphic novel account of the expansion of America from from 1800 to 1860.

Skillet Bread, Sourdough, and Vinegar Pie: Cooking in Pioneer Days by Loretta Frances Ichord (j641.5 Ich)
Presents a look at what was eaten in the American West by pioneers on the trail, cowboys on cattle drives, and gold miners in California camps, with available ingredients, cooking methods, and equipment.

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