Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September Meeting Wrap-Up

The Book Buddies Book Club met yesterday afternoon to discuss our September book, The Humming Room by Ellen Potter.  We had a terrific discussion of the book followed by a journal and bookmark craft!

Everyone read and really liked the book, especially the main character, Roo.  We talked a lot about Roo and the type of person she is and how much she changed over the course of the book.  We first met her alone and hiding under her family's trailor and by the end she was comfortable and happy with the people in her life and felt at home on the St. Lawrence river.  Her transformation paralleled the transformation of the secret garden and both flourished by the end of the story.

We talked about Roo's relationships with characters such as Jack, Violet, Phillip and Ms. Valentine and her connection with Earth and nature.  At first Roo is more comfortable with animals and insects than she is with people but by the end of the story she has real friendships with her Uncle and cousin as well as Violet and Jack. 

We discussed Phillip's father and how much he changed over the story as well, from traveling so much and never spending any time with Phillip to someone who wanted to reconnect with his son.  We felt that his guilt over Phillip's mother's death caused him to close himself off from the family but that in doing so, he caused even more harm to the people he cares about.

We talked about the future for Roo and some felt that she and Jack might get married(!) but others thought that Roo, Phillip and Jack would all be good friends and that Jack might even live with them in the mansion on Cough Rock Island.

Our favorite parts of the book were when Roo hid in the cave from her tutor, Mrs. Wixton and the end when everyone was happy together.  Our least favorite part was when we thought Roo might be sent back to the foster home because she was too much trouble for Ms. Valentine.

It was a wonderful discussion and we had a great time designing our reading journals and bookmarks.  Thank to everyone who attended!

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