Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Meeting Wrap-Up

The Book Buddies Book Club met yesterday afternoon to discuss our November book, The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling.  Everyone really enjoyed the book and we had a terrific discussion.

We began by talking about our first impressions of John and whether or not he is "a very nice boy" as he is described.  We felt that a "nice" person is someone who is helpful, kind, a good listener and one who is good at sharing and that John had some "nice" qualities but that he was very selfish and greedy where chocolate was concerned.  We also thought about whether or not he would be a good friend and decided that he would be a good friend and that he was a good friend to Susan even though he destroyed her silver dollar and ruined her birthday party.  We felt that those incidents weren't really his fault because he didn't intend for the bad things to happen and because Susan encouraged him to bite the silver dollar against his better judgement.

We thought John was wrong for not taking responsibility for things that happened to him and were all glad when he did finally realize there was no one to blame but himself. 

We hope that John probably learned a lot from his chocolate experience and will be less greedy and selfish in the future.

One book club member suggested that the storekeeper who sold John the chocolate that started his chocolatitis might have actually been Dr. Cranium.  Could they be the same person?  Perhaps Dr. Cranium wanted to teach John a lesson about his chocolate greed and felt that this would be a good way to do it.

We all thought it would have been nice if John could have chosen which things in his life would turn to chocolate and discussed other food "touches" we would like to have.  Some would like things to taste like pizza, bacon, truffles, or ice cream.  Others liked the idea of a "burger touch."  Overall we all agree that having everything taste the same all of the time is a bad idea because it would get very boring after awhile and it would be bad for our nutrition.

Following our discussion we read a short version of the King Midas story and compared and contrasted King Midas and John Midas.  We also did a Chocolate Touch word search puzzle and crossword puzzle and tested our memories with a Chocolate Touch trivia quiz.

Prior to our discussion we attempted to make our very own chocolates!  Everyone had a great time melting the chocolate and pouring it into the molds.  Thanks to 15 minutes in the freezer, the chocolates hardened very quickly and everyone got to take some Book Buddies chocolate home.

It was an excellent meeting and thanks to all the Book Buddies members who came!

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