Friday, July 19, 2013

Tween Activity: The Spindlers

Tweens met this morning for a book discussion of The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver.  We had a terrific discussion followed by a map-making activity of the world Below.

We began by going online to the author's website which has a number of videos about how the book was created.  We watched the first video, Developing the Idea, where she talks about where she got her idea for the story. 

We also looked at an online interview with the author at Time for Kids and at some of the art from the story.  I love the alternate book cover and the detailed drawing of the Spindler Queen!

Following our discussion we broke up into two groups and created maps of the world Below.  The Tweens did a great job representing Below and drawing all of the places along Liza's journey. 

The maps will be on display in the Children's Department through August 16th.  Come and take a look at all their hard work and be inspired to read the book!

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