Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Meeting Wrap-Up

The Book Buddies Book Club met yesterday afternoon to talk about our December book, The Christmas Genie by Dan Gutman.  We had a great discussion with snacks including popcorn and holiday cupcakes followed by a wish ornament craft project!

Our discussion focused on wishes, what we would wish for if given the opportunity and how long it would take to come up with a really great wish.  We talked about the different types of wishes, selfish wishes and "world peace" kinds of wishes and the different wishes that the class came up with.  Many of the class's wishes weren't that good, because they were too small (getting a dog, a TV the size of a wall, truck full of candy, etc.) and in many cases not specific enough (wishing the world would be a better place).  Also, for some of the wishes it was obvious that the consequences hadn't been considered at all (for example, wishing for all the money in the world is not a good wish because if you have it all and everyone else has none, it becomes worthless).

The things we would wish for included to become a famous artist, becoming a famous pop star, becoming a superhero with many superpowers and for there to be no more bullying in the world.

We all agreed that Genie Bob would not be a good Santa Claus and that even though William wished it, he will not become the real Santa.  Perhaps Genie Bob could go back to space (maybe via another meteorite) and be a Space Santa but he could not be the real Earth Santa.

Following our discussion we made wish ornaments! 

It was a terrific meeting and thanks to all the Book Buddies members who attended.  See you in 2014!

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