Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oliver Olson Read-Alikes

Enjoying How Oliver Olson Changed the World?  Here are a few other space/science chapter books you might like to read:

Brendan Buckley's Universe and Everything In It by Sundee T. Frazier

Brendan Buckley, a biracial ten-year-old, applies his scientific problem-solving ability and newfound interest in rocks and minerals to connect with his white grandfather, the president of Puyallup Rock Club, and to learn why he and Brendan's mother are estranged.

Jake Drake Know-It-All by Andrew Clements

Jake is determined to win the third grade science fair not only for the grand prize, but to beat the annoying class know-it-alls, as well.

Owen Foote, Mighty Scientist by Stephanie Greene

Third grade best friends Owen and Joseph struggle to come up with a great science fair project that they will both enjoy doing, then something goes wrong and they have to change their plans two days before the fair.

I was a Third Grade Science Project by Mary Jane Auch

While trying to hypnotize his dog for the third grade science fair, Brian accidentally makes his best friend Josh think he's a cat.

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