Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Reading - Chapter Book Recommendations

Looking for a great book to read this summer?  Try one of these fantastic chapter books on our summer reading science theme:

Hello, Nebulon! by Ray O'Ryan (Galaxy Zack #1)

Moving from Earth to the futuristic planet Nebulon in 2120, eight-year-old Zack is nervous about starting school and meeting people.

Nick and Tesla's Secret Agent Gadget Battle by Bob Pflugfelder

11 year-old siblings Nick and Tesla discover there's a spy in their midst, searching for secrets in the home of their beloved (and slightly crazy) Uncle Newt. Is it the new laboratory assistant? The exterminator? The housekeepers? Or someone completely unexpected? To expose the mystery agent, Nick and Tesla must engineer all kinds of outrageous contraptions, from code wheels and fingerprint powder to spy cameras and burglar detectors.

The Science Unfair by Nate Ball

Young Zack works to protect his tiny alien friend, Amp, while struggling through a science-fair project and preventing an alien invasion

The Contagious Colors of Mumpley Middle School by Fowler DeWitt

When a mysterious illness sweeps through school, causing students to change color, sixth-grade scientist Wilmer Dooley tries to find the cause and cure.

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