Friday, March 14, 2008

Emily extras

If you're like me, you will understand my excitement over what I call book "extras", products that are a spinoff of the books themselves. Things like journals and bookmarks that go along with a book - basically, things girls love. So imagine my joy at finding out about the extras that go along with the Emily Windsnap books! Thanks to Liz Kessler's extraordinarily detailed website, I've discovered the following items:

The Emily Windsnap Giftbox, featuring the first two books and a starfish necklace(!) and the Emily Windsnap Friendship Book which is a must have for best friends everywhere and includes lots of fun things like how to make friendship tokens and how to plan the ultimate mermaid sleepover. And although my birthday is not until December I'd just like to point out that I accept gifts at any time (hint, hint) especially from best friends (you know who you are!)

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