Monday, February 10, 2014

Anna's Story Continues!

Anna Wang's story continues after her fourth grade year in The Year of the Book.  Read on as Anna tackles fifth and sixth grades!

The Year of the Baby (2013)

Fifth-grader Anna is concerned that her baby sister Kaylee, adopted from China three months ago, is not thriving so she and her best friends, Laura and Camille, create a science project that may save the day.

The Year of the Fortune Cookie (coming May 2014)

Eleven-year-old Anna heads off to sixth grade, leaving the comfort and familiarity of elementary school behind and entering the larger, more complex world of middle school. Surrounded by classmates who have their roots all in America, Anna begins to feel out of place and wonders where she really belongs.  When Anna takes a trip to China, she not only explores a new country and culture, but finds answers to her questions about whether she is more Chinese or more American.

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