Saturday, February 8, 2014

Books by Andrea Cheng

Our February author, Andrea Cheng has written many books for children of all ages.  Here are a few of her other chapter books you might like to read:

Honeysuckle House

An all-American girl with Chinese ancestors and a new immigrant from China find little in common when they meet in their fourth grade classroom, but they are both missing their best friends and soon discover other connections.

Only One Year

Nine-year-old Sharon has conflicted feelings towards her copycat little sister and rambunctious toddler brother, who is sent to China for a year to live with relatives.

Where Do You Stay?

Now that Jerome's mother has died from cancer, he is staying with his aunt Geneva. But Jerome misses his own home and piano. When he meets Mr. Willie who lives in the carriage house of a mansion down the street, the two talk of music. Jerome dreams of someday moving into the mansion with Mr. Willie and fixing it up. But the building is for sale. What will happen if someone buys the mansion and tears the carriage house down? How will Jerome cope when things get to be too much?

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