Thursday, April 17, 2014

Learn About Hawaii

Calvin Coconut lives near the beach in Kailua on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  Learn more about our gorgeous 50th state by checking out the following books and websites:

Hawai'i by Karen Durrie

Welcome to Hawai'i, known as the Aloha State. Did you know that Hawai'i is the only state with two official languages? Or that the Hawai'ian islands were formed by lava from volcanoes? Take a colorful journey and learn about the fascinating history, geography, and symbols that make Hawai'i special.

A is for Aloha: A Hawai'i Alphabet by U'ilani Goldsberry

The landscape of Hawaii is as exotic as its history and people. From the meaning of the word aloha to the plight of the state bird, learn all about this lush multi-island paradise.

Hawaii: The Aloha State by Emily Rose Oachs

The islands of Hawaii differ greatly from the other 49 states. Formed by volcanic activity in the North Pacific, they burst with rain forests, waterfalls, and beaches.

Time for Kids: Around the World: Hawaii 

All About Hawaii - Facts, Maps and State Symbols

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