Friday, January 2, 2009

Author Nancy Springer

Nancy Springer is the wonderful author of The Case of the Missing Marquess. She lives in Florida and says, "my space is shared by tree frogs, toads, lizards, giant silk moths, snakes and at least one alligator who came for dinner -- the others have been good enough to stay in the swamps." She has written many books for children including three other series:

Tales of Rowan Hood

Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest (2001)
Lionclaw (2002)
Outlaw Princess of Sherwood (2003)
Wild Boy (2004)
Rowan Hood Returns (2005)

Tales of Camelot

I am Mordred (1998)
I am Morgan le Fay (2001)

The Books of Isle

The White Hart (1979)
The Silver Sun (1980)
The Sable Moon (1981)
The Black Beast (1982)
The Golden Swan (1983)

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