Saturday, August 10, 2013

Which Gnome is Digging Up Mischief in the Library?

Summer Reading is almost over and it's time to get your gnome guesses in!  Which gnome has been digging up mischief in the library this summer?  Was it Rosetta?  Woody?  Elvis Parsley?  Let us know which one you think it is by filling out the ballot at the children's desk. 

If you need a reminder of all the gnome-mischief, visit the Gnomes in the Library webpage for all things Gnome.

If you submit a guess and are correct AND you also made a time capsule and completed your summer reading, you will be in the running for the brand new Nook!  This very special random prize drawing will take place at the Outdoor Fair on Wednesday, August 14th.

Start thinking and you gnome which one?

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