Wednesday, May 14, 2014

All About Seashells

In Junonia, Alice spends a lot of her time while on Sanibel Island searching for the elusive junonia shell.  Learn more about seashells and the junonia by checking out these books and websites:

Shells! Shells! Shells! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

When Buddy Bear and his mother go to the beach, she teaches him all about shells and mollusks. Includes facts about shells.

Cool Shells by Mary Elizabeth Salzmann

What is a seashell? -- Seashells in history -- Why collect seashells? -- Collecting responsibly -- Growing your collection -- Research and resources -- Finding seashells -- Buying seashells -- Trading and selling seashells -- Cleaning seashells -- Storage and organization -- Displaying seashells -- Seashell crafts.

Seashells of the World by R. Tucker Abbott

A guide for the identification of shells, including general information on mollusks and advice on shell collecting and study.

From the web:

Learn about the Junonia shell!

Learn all about the different types of seashells at Kids Konnect

Seashells: Where Do They Come From?

Identification Guide to Seashells

A junonia shell on top of other seashells!

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